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Our Law Firm

The team of professionals working in our law firm, founded in 1977, has gained extensive experience in assisting both domestic and foreign clients. We mainly deal with civil, commercial, social security, labour and insurance disputes, family and inheritance matters, tenders and works contracts, bankruptcy and real estate enforcement procedures. Moreover, our Law Firm has been providing assistance to clients for over twenty years in the field of the sale and purchase of real estate located in the Lake Como area and throughout Italy, taking care of every aspect even after the final deed has been signed (restructuring of the property, acquisition of the elective residence permit and assessment of the related tax implications, in collaboration with external accountants, etc.).   

About us

45 years of experience

Multilingual support

Legal advice in the real estate sector

Litigation and arbitration


Claims for damages



Via Einaudi, 4 22100 COMO Italy


Contact numbers

Tel. +39.031261559 -  Fax +39.031242085

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